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i've got a feeling this is going to be a rant

so my life
welcome back to it
this summer was excellent
i have come back to school this semester with a new mindset
that is to make this year
and all of them hence, just as fun as this summer
which is a lofty goal.
so far, not too bad. its tolerable
more than that i'm trying to put as much on my plate as possible
i dunno being an RA and student wasn't enough trouble for me i guess.
i just like to see what i can do
test myself
something sadistic in nature most likely.
and i'm not waiting either
why bother waiting?!
why not live now
thats all i have left right?
ha the word left is to the left of right
it amuses me
so it goes
(two points if you know what author i stole the last line from)
It was kurt Vonnegut
moving along
so i applied for a job on campus
becaue money is nice
i've been trying to get out there and meet new people
through friends i've met a few people
nothing has really come of it though
i have permission to go greek (join a fraternity) this semester
I only want to join one
the more i think about it
the more worried i get
i get worried that it might be too much
that if i do get in
what else might suffer
grades, relationships with non-greeks, RA job
i have decieded if i get a bid, and if i pledge
and if it goes sour i'll get out and get back to the RA job.

i've been going to the gym
ok i missed it on monday, but monday was nutz
i'm getting back on the horse tomorrow though
come hell or high water or something equally horrible
carr and i have started talking again
which is odd, but not

i don't know i really didn't expect to ever hear from her again

so it goes
so life goes
and i wouldn't have it any other way
completely random
unexplainable in most senses
beauty at everyturn of horror.
and i wouldn't have it any other way.
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