Bee (bumble) (thecodepoet) wrote,
Bee (bumble)

last thoughts for the day

After I graduated college my dad told me he was very proud of me and all that I had done.
I guess he didn't expect me to rise to the top like I had with scouts and then with completing 2 majors in 4 years on top of being an RA and president of my fraternity. But he said something that bothered me a bit. He said something to the effect of, "You know you dont have to keep on doing stuff like that. Its ok." I guess what he meant was that I shouldn't feel like I can't slow down and take some time off the craziness. But well I don't know that I can do that...

I'm too determined. I think he may have created a monster. I don't want to stop excelling. I have big dreams and I've been working hard to make sure the come true. Why should I stop now? If my goal was to be a math teacher and just that well then I'd be content. But I want so much more. And I look forward to the challenge.
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