Bee (bumble) (thecodepoet) wrote,
Bee (bumble)

roll the dice

Another thought that I've had. When I make decisions I usually go for the option with the possibility of the greatest return... or the one that I believe has the best chance of having my desired outcome. This past week.... in the past few days really I had to make such a choice. To drop talking to a girl who I didn't think I'd have a future with for the chance at a long distance (1.5 to 3 hr drive) relationship with a girl I had been pining after for some time. So in normal Bernie fashion I took the long shot (or at least the more difficult option). Why? Because there are plenty fish in the sea? You have to strike while the iron is hot? Because she's a great talking and people watching partner? probably a mixture of all three with a bit of eye color changing magic thrown in there for good measure.

In other words... it doesn't really matter now. I've made my bed and its where I lay. Even if I feel like a heel for a few days. Someone I've known for four years or two weeks? Choices. And I've made mine.

I just need to relax and have fun. The rest will sort itself out because while I do not believe in much I do believe in people, and them wanting to do what is right. I also think things happen for a reason. Why this happened, I haven't a freaking clue. But I'm sure it will lead to something more interesting in my life and perhaps something awesome. Who the hell knows, but I'm prepared as ever to go on this adventure to figure it all out.

I go back to the stress management techniques i learned overt he last two years. I need to employ them again. Stop projecting, don't worry about the future, theres nothing you can do and you don't know what the hell will happen. So stop guessing. Stay in the present. Enjoy it.
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